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Top 10 Industrial Zones (စက်မှုဇုံ) in Myanmar and more..

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ဖုန်း- ၀၅၉ ၄၂၀၈၀ , ၀၅၉ ၄၂၈၅၆ ။ Fax- ၀၅၉ ၄၂၈၅၆။

အမှတ် (၂၄)၊ ကန်ဖျားလမ်းမကြီး၊ ရေပုန်းရပ်၊ မြိတ်မြို့၊ တနင်္သာရီတိုင်းဒေသကြီး။

Kyauk Phyu is strategically located at the centre of a triangle with three dynamic econo- mies—India, China & ASEAN—at t ...

Dawei Site Office- Charkae Village, Nabule, Dawei District, Tanintharyi Division Myanmar Phone: +959 498 65344

Introduction | Location Maps | Infrastructure & Services | Land Use Plan & Lease Terms | Investment Incentives | O ...

MICT Park, Hlaing Campus, Yangon, Myanmar. (+95-1) 123456, 765432

လှိုင်သာယာ စက်မှုဇုံ



Myanmar Mobile Phone Usage

Do you use MPT mobile ?

Which mobile phone company (or sim card) do you use in Myanmar? MPT (Myanmar Post & Telecoms), Ooredoo, Telenor, or MyTel? Please let us invite you to a brief survey.

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